Max Halford

A bit about myself

Hello, I'm Max!

I live in Toulouse where I'm doing a PhD in machine learning and database optimizers. I also studied data science and computer science in Toulouse. Before that I did a preparatory course in mathematics and economics at the Toulouse School of Economics for 2 years.

I did my first internship in a research lab doing population evolution modeling. I did my second internship at Privateaser doing full stack development. I'm currently doing my third and last internship at HelloFresh as a junior data scientist.

I taught myself coding when I started university. I usually code in Python, Go and JavaScript; although I also dabble in R, Perl and Julia and other languages if I have to. I'm very interested in evolutionary algorithms; I am the author of gago, a genetic algorithm toolkit written in Go. I have quite a few other side projects that you can see on my GitHub page.

My 15 minutes of fame happened when me and a friend won a national open data competition in 2016 for our OpenBikes project. We built an application for visualizing bike sharing which covered over 30 cities. We also applied machine learning techniques to forecast the number of bikes in each station; enabling us to recommend stations with enough bikes/spaces to users who want pick/drop a bike.

Besides work I enjoy seeing my friends and my girlfriend, reading, walking, modern art, and cooking.