Hello 👋

I’m a data analyst/engineer/scientist working at Alan. I’m half British 🇬🇧 and half Belgian 🇧🇪. I went to university in Toulouse, France 🇫🇷. My academic 🎓 background is a mix of maths 🧮, economics 💸, and computer science 🖥️. I got hooked into data science in 2014 after watching Moneyball ⚾ and reading The Signal and the Noise 📖. My PhD was at the intersection of database query optimisation and machine learning 🤖. I’m more of Swiss Army knife 🇨🇭 than a one-trick pony 🐴. Indeed I’m keen on building an interest in different topics, although I do have an area of mild expertise, which is online machine learning.

I enjoy programming and I maintain some open-source projects. In particular, I’m one of the founding members as well as a core maintainer of River 🌊, which is a Python 🐍 library for online machine learning. I’m also a Kaggle competitions Master 🏆 and enjoy competitive data science.

Besides work, I like spending time with my buddies, reading 📚, watching movies 🍿, walking, looking at – and sometimes making – modern art, and cooking 🍲. My favorite food is peanut butter 🥜 and my favorite beer is Guinness ☘️. I have a brother who’s into physics and operating systems (nerd alert). My mother runs a quirky restaurant in the French countryside called the Ziboinboin.

If you have any enquiries or simply want to get in touch, then feel free to shoot me an email at maxhalford25@gmail.com.