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This is a list of blogs I regularly scroll through.

Hall of fame

The following is a hall of fame of papers, books, and blog posts that left me with a strong impression, both in terms of content and quality.

Eye candy


Some tools I find interesting.

  • Datasette – one of the nicer ways to publish public datasets.
  • Glitch – build a website with a remote setup.
  • MagicSheets – machine learning in a spreadsheet.
  • Evan’s Awesome A/B Tools
  • Simplescraper
  • Airbyte – rarely have I had such a good user experience. In roughly an hour I managed to periodically send data from Postgres to BigQuery, totally from scratch.
  • Glitch
  • Backlink Checker – can be useful for building features from URLs!
  • Cycle – looks like a no-fuss solution for hosting apps, and it has a permissive free-tier!
  • Facets – maybe the best tool I’ve seen for interactively exploring a dataset.